Is Equity Returning To Residential Real Estate?

The storied tale of the Indian residential sector is likely to be a subject of fables. How an unregulated sector which went from being a villain despite is social moorings to being held in the throes of a sector-shaking regulation that is likely to change the face of this asset class and how business is […]

Budget 2018 Highlights: Real Estate Gets Wide Berth, Government Plays Balancing Act

The Union Budget 2018-19 was low on specifics but stressed on the roadmap laid down by the previous budgets of the government. With no tangible benefits accruing for real estate on the broader points of industry status, GST reduction on under-construction houses or relaxation in personal income tax, there were, however, announcements from where some […]

Exploring Funding Options For Real Estate Developers

Shobhit Agarwal, MD & CEO – ANB Capital Advisors The Indian real estate sector, within its evolutionary flux, has now been exposed to an array of complex financial instruments – and has come a long way from the basic debt or simple equity structures. Not only that, the maturing of the sector has also opened […]

Future Of REIT In India: Market To Be Approximately USD 46 Bn

REITs have been one of the highest discussed subjects over past few quarters and not without reason. It can provide the much needed monetizing opportunity for the asset owners while providing investment options to pension funds, long-term investors and every individual who couldn’t take part in the real estate investment class due to the high […]

Attention Spreading Across Alternative Asset Classes

For decades, Indian real estate has focused on frontline asset classes i.e. office, residential, retail and hospitality. However, now the attention is spreading across alternative asset classes as well. These are specialized real estate developments like senior living, student housing, education, warehousing and health care. Various developers have started focusing on these specific segments in […]

Private Equity Investment In Retail Gains Momentum In 2017

After almost 6 years of inactivity starting 2009, retail assets have started attracting Private Equity (PE) investments for the past 3 years. The rise in interest is due to improvement in the country’s economy post-2014 which has translated into rising consumer confidence and hence, consumer spending. With proper mall management strategies, one can generate good […]

Real Estate Investment: Going Beyond The Top 7 Cities In India

PE investments in real estate have been on a rise since 2014 and it is growing every year. In INR terms, the investments have crossed the previous peak in 2007 by a good margin in 2016 itself. However, the situation in this optimism is different than the one in 2007. The investment style is more […]

Dubai Real Estate – The Promised Land For Indian Investors

Dubai has always been an attractive real estate investment destination for Indians, but the intensity of interest has increased considerably over the past few years. As per latest data released by the Dubai Land Department, the quantum of real estate investments by Indian has reached INR 42,000 cr in the last 18 months alone – […]

Tier 1 And 2 Cities To Gain Traction In Indian Real Estate Market

After the global financial crisis in 2007 – 08, we have hardly seen any investments by institutional investors into TIER II and TIER III cities of India. There were largely two reasons for this: 1) Lack of adequate governance and 2) Lack of demand. However, as per our recent interactions, various institutions expect the first […]